Presidents Message and June 2013 Newsletter

Presidents Message

THE BUSY BEE was a great success. We had a good number turn up to put the lights together and into the bags which Avis had sewn up for the purpose. A big thank you to Avis for a fantastic job.

The pigeons have been removed and we swept up the ample evidence of their activities. The Mayor of Joondalup tells us that the ceilings have been repaired so we should not have further trouble.

We also got all the screens out and cleaned them up as best we could. The men reckoned we should get a high pressure hose and do the job thoroughly later on nearer the exhibition date. A busy bee to clean the screens will be held on Sunday 20th October at 10am. Volunteers needed.

Yvonne Smith made an inventory of all our gear so we we’re pretty well organised. Thank you, Yvonne.

GOOD NEWS. Our Exhibition and Sale has now got a venue and a date. It will be at the Maureen Grierson Centre in Scarborough from Friday 8 th November to Sunday 10th with, of course, setting up to start on the Thursday 7th. So start painting and thinking about advertising and ideas to make this a good one. All suggestions welcome. Just write them down and give them in when you come to a meeting.

Several of the pastel society’s gifted artists have generously agreed to be at meetings so that you can seek help and advice in preparation for our exhibition. Please get thinking about the exhibition in early November and plan your paintings. Take advantage of this offer from our best people.

See the programmed Calendar of Events and keep it handy to refer to till the end of the year.

A reminder for key holders, please arrive by 7.20pm at the latest. In winter it is not nice to be out in the cold.

We’ve received confirmation that our application for new lights has been granted. Thanks especially to Celestine and Caroline who helped to fill in all the forms. It means we can order them now and won’t have to have an electrician in November. That will save money and we can sell the old ones.


Pastel Society of Western Australia Newsletter June 2013