Pastel Society WA Newsletter October 2021

President’s Message

Dear Pastellists,

It has been an exciting few months for the Pastel Society. Our exhibition
was extraordinarily successful thanks to our many hardworking members
and volunteers. Congratulations once again to all our worthy winners and
congratulations to all those who made sales.

We are truly blessed with ‘springtime’ weather which made this year’s
event the most successful in many years.

Next on the agenda is our outing to Government House on the 24th of
September to partake in a little plein air. So, I hope you are all getting your
gear ready and crossing fingers for some more good weather.

Our esteemed Vice President, Jill Buckrell has relaunched her Monday night
pastel schedule. Please take note of the email regarding this as I believe
she has a lot of fun and interesting plans for Monday nights and beyond.

Keep well and happy pastelling

Donna Woodhouse
President of the Pastel Society of Western Australia

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