President’s Message
Hello, fellow pastellists,

Welcome to 2021 and a new start to the Pastel Society. This year sees new leadership and a new committee.
It has been a rough start to the year. The covid lockdown prevented us from coming together safely, and our start date moved back. Then, of course, Mildenhall’s mains water valve was vandalised, further delaying our start. But we are back now and ready for a safe and prosperous 2021.

Firstly, I would like to thank the previous administration for their leadership during the covid crisis. Val Brooks and her committee managed to keep us safe and continued to communicate a love of pastels and a love of community. I have been in many groups and organisations, but what I have found in the pastel society is a genuine camaraderie and willingness to lift each other within a love of art. As President, I want to keep this mindset and help it flourish.

Our Facebook page administered by Julie Zohar, Patricia Spence and Jill Buckrell. This has been a great success allowing our country members to show their art and gain support. With this in mind, we now have an Instagram account administered by Kirstie Williams. Here we will advertise our programs, our demos, and our members’ many successes.

Our first demo will be Sophie Mahir, discussing how to utilise social media to promote your art. Oxlades will be making an appearance on The 15th of March, demonstrating Pan pastels and Pastel mat.

Our new Vice President, Jill Millar, will deliver another excellent program of techniques and ideas following last year’s success on our Monday nights.

I hope to see you all soon at Mildenhall or at any of the wonderful events we have planned, covid fingers crossed, throughout the year.

Happy painting. Donna Woodhouse
President of the Pastel Society of Western Australia

Message from the President

Since my last report in March of this year our lives have been very different! I think many of us have been grateful that we have had our art to keep us occupied.

My thanks go to Julie Zohar and Trish (our secretary) for getting the Facebook page up and running. While we were unable to meet in person the weekly challenge kept many of us communicating and sharing artwork. It also attracted more interest in our society and ultimately some new members.

Once we were able to resume weekly meetings Jill’s innovative programme of activities encouraged us to leave our warm comfort zones and participate. It has been fantastic to see more members coming on Monday nights. Let’s keep that going!

Unfortunately, our Annual Exhibition had to be cancelled as so many others were. We must stay focused on a fantastic showing next year. Luckily we have been given another Popup Shop opportunity by the City of Joondalup. This time it is at Sorrento Quay so I urge you all to participate by entering some work and volunteering for the shop roster. It’s always good to chat to potential customers about your artwork and our society.

Finally, I would encourage you to step up and nominate for the vacant positions at our A.G.M. on November 16th. As outgoing President, I would like to thank Rayma, Trish, Adrianne and all committee members for their constant support and assistance.

Stay safe and well, and Happy Pastelling to you all.

Happy Pastelling,

Val Brooks

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Message from the President

It has certainly been an unusual start to 2020!

We began as usual with a busy first night in February with members renewing and a few new members coming along too. Welcome to those new members. The activities Jill Buckrell has been planning have certainly made for some interesting Monday meetings and we hope to have more of those as well as demonstrations by some of our talented people.

Joondalup City approached us with an exciting opportunity to move into an empty shop at Warwick Grove for a month at no cost other than our time. The popup shop was painted white and fitted with gallery tracking ready for art groups to display paintings.

The Pastel Society has had the shop set up for the month of March and have been generating steady interest and a few sales. Unfortunately the rest of the month may be uncertain due to the effects of the Covid 19 virus outbreak.

This may also impact our meetings at some point but we hope to continue while we can. For any or all of us that may have to remain in isolation for a while we should look at the positive aspect and use the time to reflect on our art and hone our skills. We are all fortunate to be able to occupy ourselves creatively maintaining good mental health as well as staying well physically.

Once we can return to some normality, hopefully in the not too distant future we have our annual exhibition to work towards as well as workshops later in the year. It remains to be seen if the Pastel Expo will go ahead but if so that is an exciting event for those hoping to attend.

Our AGM is approaching fast and I would encourage members to consider standing for the vacant positions of President, Treasurer and Vice President. I know I have gained much pleasure in being president over the past years. I have enjoyed the support of the Committee and gained in experience and confidence.

Happy Pastelling
Val Brooks, President

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Message from the President

It has been pleasing to see members attend Monday evenings during cold and wet winter evenings encouraged by a number of interesting activities provided by various committee members. With a few more to go and warmer evenings I hope it entices more along for the remaining weeks of the year.

It has also been a pleasure to welcome Sue Robinson the Vice President of the Pastel Society of Australia to our Monday meetings whilst she is visiting family in Perth.

As usual the Annual Pastel Society of W.A. Exhibition was a visual treat for all who visited over the weekend. The standard was extremely high and made it very difficult for our judges, Brendan Darby and Chris Martin to choose recipients for the awards this year. Congratulations go to all those who did receive awards, those who sold and everyone who participated. Thanks also to all the Committee and the members and partners who helped set up and pack up the exhibition.

Recently I have had the pleasure of hosting Louise Corke, a Master Pastellist from Queensland when she was in Perth for our recent workshop and Demo. As well as being a delightful house guest Louise conducted a fantastic 2 day workshop full of information and encouragement. We all worked very hard and I know that much of what we learnt will find its way into our future paintings.
As we come towards the end of the year I hope you will all enjoy a safe and happy festive season and New Year and come back refreshed for a creative 2020.

Val Brooks

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Pastel Society of WA Newsletter Oct 2019

President’s Report:- A.G.M 2019

Over the past year I have been very grateful for the support and assistance of our hard working committee. Thank you especially to Rayma, Lee and Adrianne for their ongoing commitment to the Pastel Society.
During last year we had a demonstration and workshops run by Karol Oakley which showed some interesting pastel techniques. Our annual Art Exhibition at Sorrento Surf Club was a successful showcase for some outstanding work. I was sad to miss seeing it but thank Adrianne for taking my place for the opening. Congratulations to all the award winners.

In September a number of members were fortunate to travel to Queensland for the inaugural Australian Pastel Expo. On their return they shared their experiences with the Society at a Monday meeting.

We already have some exciting plans for the year ahead. As a result of some of our members attending the pastel expo in Queensland last year we have booked two interstate pastel artists to run workshops for us. Maxine Thompson will focus on portraits in May and September we have Louise Corke who does beautiful seascapes.

Recently a small group of members demonstrated Pastels at a Seniors Expo at Lakeside Shopping Centre, Joondalup. We attracted a lot of interest (not just from seniors!) and have already gained a new member as a result.

In place of the Floreat Unframed Sale this year we recently leased a pop-up shop at Sorrento Quay where we had both framed and unframed pastel for sale. It gave us good exposure in a fresh location and some sales too! It was good to see so many members taking part and volunteering to man the shop.

It has been encouraging to see members bringing their work to show on a Monday night. It’s great to see what everyone is working on so I hope this continues.

It is sad to learn that our south of the river group who’ve been meeting at Atwell House have decided not to continue due to increased costs but we hope that some of them will remain members and participate in the coming year’s events.

Happy Pastelling
Val Brooks, President

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Message from the President

The last few months have been eventful for both the Pastel Society and on a personal level.

Firstly, I sincerely thank all those who stepped in and covered for me in my absence initially overseas and then through my recuperation from spinal surgery. It is such a joy to belong to this society and know that so many are willing to help when needed.

I was sad to miss seeing our annual exhibition in August but I heard from many sources that the display of work was fantastic and as usual of a very high standard throughout. Congratulations to those who won awards and the members who had sales (not easy in this current economic climate). It’s important to still keep putting our artwork out in the public arena even though sales might be hard won!

It was fantastic to see some of the interesting work, photos and other material that members brought back from the Pastel Expo held last month in Queensland. Thank you to the informative presentation you gave us. I’m sure it’s made most of us wish we could have gone too and we’ll be saving up for the next time.

The year is coming quickly towards our annual break but there is still the Christmas party to look forward to (see dates in this newsletter).

We are already planning some exciting workshops for next year, taking advantage of contacts our Vice President Rayma made at the Expo.

Thanking you all for your kind thoughts and wishing you happy pastelling.

Val Brooks,

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Pastel Society of WA Newsletter Oct 2018

Our President Val Brooks is away in Europe at the moment enjoying the sunshine, (lucky Val) so I will add a few words in her absence.

We are already half way through the year and not long before our Annual Exhibition & Awards coming up on 17th – 19th August at Sorrento Surf Life Saving Club and look forward to receiving your paintings and encourage our new Members as well as existing Members to give it a go!

Entry Form is attached in this Newsletter for those who didn’t receive by email.

We were very fortunate to have Karol Oakley, Queensland Master Pastelist, run Workshops here in Perth and great to see quite a few members take advantage of this and pick up her great skills and tips. We are working to have more Tutors from the East come over in 2019.

Good luck to all who are entering in our Exhibition and look forward to seeing you at Mildenhall on Monday Evenings, also Atwell House on Tuesdays for our South of River Members.

Keep up the Pastel Painting!

Rayma Reany,
Vice President

Pastel Society of WA Newsletter Jun 2018

Welcome to a new year of pastelling. We have gained a few new members over the break and look forward to seeing them at our Monday meetings.

There are already some exciting events to look forward to and prepare for this year. Our unframed sale at Floreat Forum, a demonstration and workshops with Queensland pastel artist Karol Oakley and our annual exhibition in august. Also the Pastel Expo in Queensland in September is a wonderful opportunity for those who Plan to attend.

I look forward to meeting our new members and seeing what everyone is working on at our Monday meetings Get working, get creative and above all have fun with your artwork.

Val Brooks

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Pastel Society of WA Newsletter Feb 2018

Message from the President Pastel Society Annual Exhibition Congratulations to all the artists who submitted paintings for our annual exhibition. It was our biggest yet with 64 artists,163 paintings (42 of which were 9” x 5” ) and 48 sales of just over $1500 in the 3 days.

Although we were unable to set up the surf club until 8 30pm on the Thursday we had so many willing helpers that it was done in record time! Friday was busy with hanging the paintings, the judging and Alison Dowley did a very professional job of photographing the artwork.

We were very fortunate to have WA artist Brendan Derby as our special guest to open the exhibition and he said he was very impressed by the high standard of the work, which was great to hear from such an accomplished artist. Awards were announced and the crowd created a great opening night atmosphere. 

The weather was kind over the weekend and a constant stream of visitors kept the sales coming in. Leanna Taylor’s door prize painting raised a record sum of approximately $1800 and the artists’ demonstrations attracted plenty of interest.

Well done and huge thanks to everyone involved. Without all our willing helpers this exhibition would not happen. Special thanks to the committee members for all their hard work before and during the exhibition

Val Brooks

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Pastel Society of Western Australia Newsletter September 2017