Pastel Society WA Newsletter July 2019

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President’s Report:- A.G.M 2019

Over the past year I have been very grateful for the support and assistance of our hard working committee. Thank you especially to Rayma, Lee and Adrianne for their ongoing commitment to the Pastel Society.
During last year we had a demonstration and workshops run by Karol Oakley which showed some interesting pastel techniques. Our annual Art Exhibition at Sorrento Surf Club was a successful showcase for some outstanding work. I was sad to miss seeing it but thank Adrianne for taking my place for the opening. Congratulations to all the award winners.

In September a number of members were fortunate to travel to Queensland for the inaugural Australian Pastel Expo. On their return they shared their experiences with the Society at a Monday meeting.

We already have some exciting plans for the year ahead. As a result of some of our members attending the pastel expo in Queensland last year we have booked two interstate pastel artists to run workshops for us. Maxine Thompson will focus on portraits in May and September we have Louise Corke who does beautiful seascapes.

Recently a small group of members demonstrated Pastels at a Seniors Expo at Lakeside Shopping Centre, Joondalup. We attracted a lot of interest (not just from seniors!) and have already gained a new member as a result.

In place of the Floreat Unframed Sale this year we recently leased a pop-up shop at Sorrento Quay where we had both framed and unframed pastel for sale. It gave us good exposure in a fresh location and some sales too! It was good to see so many members taking part and volunteering to man the shop.

It has been encouraging to see members bringing their work to show on a Monday night. It’s great to see what everyone is working on so I hope this continues.

It is sad to learn that our south of the river group who’ve been meeting at Atwell House have decided not to continue due to increased costs but we hope that some of them will remain members and participate in the coming year’s events.

Happy Pastelling
Val Brooks, President

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