Pastel Society WA Newsletter March 2020

Message from the President

It has certainly been an unusual start to 2020!

We began as usual with a busy first night in February with members renewing and a few new members coming along too. Welcome to those new members. The activities Jill Buckrell has been planning have certainly made for some interesting Monday meetings and we hope to have more of those as well as demonstrations by some of our talented people.

Joondalup City approached us with an exciting opportunity to move into an empty shop at Warwick Grove for a month at no cost other than our time. The popup shop was painted white and fitted with gallery tracking ready for art groups to display paintings.

The Pastel Society has had the shop set up for the month of March and have been generating steady interest and a few sales. Unfortunately the rest of the month may be uncertain due to the effects of the Covid 19 virus outbreak.

This may also impact our meetings at some point but we hope to continue while we can. For any or all of us that may have to remain in isolation for a while we should look at the positive aspect and use the time to reflect on our art and hone our skills. We are all fortunate to be able to occupy ourselves creatively maintaining good mental health as well as staying well physically.

Once we can return to some normality, hopefully in the not too distant future we have our annual exhibition to work towards as well as workshops later in the year. It remains to be seen if the Pastel Expo will go ahead but if so that is an exciting event for those hoping to attend.

Our AGM is approaching fast and I would encourage members to consider standing for the vacant positions of President, Treasurer and Vice President. I know I have gained much pleasure in being president over the past years. I have enjoyed the support of the Committee and gained in experience and confidence.

Happy Pastelling
Val Brooks, President

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