Pastel Society WA Newsletter October 2019

Message from the President

It has been pleasing to see members attend Monday evenings during cold and wet winter evenings encouraged by a number of interesting activities provided by various committee members. With a few more to go and warmer evenings I hope it entices more along for the remaining weeks of the year.

It has also been a pleasure to welcome Sue Robinson the Vice President of the Pastel Society of Australia to our Monday meetings whilst she is visiting family in Perth.

As usual the Annual Pastel Society of W.A. Exhibition was a visual treat for all who visited over the weekend. The standard was extremely high and made it very difficult for our judges, Brendan Darby and Chris Martin to choose recipients for the awards this year. Congratulations go to all those who did receive awards, those who sold and everyone who participated. Thanks also to all the Committee and the members and partners who helped set up and pack up the exhibition.

Recently I have had the pleasure of hosting Louise Corke, a Master Pastellist from Queensland when she was in Perth for our recent workshop and Demo. As well as being a delightful house guest Louise conducted a fantastic 2 day workshop full of information and encouragement. We all worked very hard and I know that much of what we learnt will find its way into our future paintings.
As we come towards the end of the year I hope you will all enjoy a safe and happy festive season and New Year and come back refreshed for a creative 2020.

Val Brooks

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Pastel Society of WA Newsletter Oct 2019