President’s Message and April 2013 Newsletter

A Visit from the President of the W.A Art Society

We were pleased to welcome Peter Reynolds to our meeting on Monday 18th
March. He came to see what we are doing as well as to check out our equipment
with a view to hiring it for their exhibition in May at The Palms, Subiaco.

He said he’d let us know but it seems his committee would not be keen to do the
physical work involved and may be willing to pay others to set up their exhibition
for them. If this is so we are disappointed as we believed we could help fill the
coffers of our society with our contract.

We hope that others may be interested and thank the secretary very warmly for
all his time and effort constructing our contract and checking its legality with a
visit to town to see a pro-bono lawyer.

Carine Sale

This seems to be a successful and worthwhile exercise. Some suggestions were
made for more sales – perhaps at different venues.

Would interested members please do some research in their own localities and email the results to me as soon as possible.

Late News

A new sale has been organized for the 28th April at the Stirling Farmers Market,
7.30-11.30. The stall is free and eleven members have expressed interest. This
sale will include some small framed paintings as well as unframed ones.

Anne Rice

Pastel Society of Western Australia Newsletter April 2013